Monday, February 17, 2014

Trail Riding

I truly believe that experiences are the greatest gifts to give and receive.  Today we took Michael's best friend trail riding and discovered that it was his very first time on a horse.  Aiden enjoyed the experience and rode Shadow while Michael had a calm horse named Wyatt.  Leo was lucky enough to ride a gentle 19 year old horse named Nicky and I had the rambunctious female named Summer.  Summer was three handfuls as she continued to disobey me and actually went after Nicky and nipped his nose.  It was quite an experience and what a view!  We were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather out at Point Reyes and the boys enjoyed making the horses trot.

Michael, me and Aiden - gearing up to ride!

Aiden getting ready to mount his horse

We are ready to ride

Michael taking a rest and talking to Wyatt

Yeah, they know what to do and they look good doing it!

Still showing off

One more time

Zooming in to see Michael's smile

Trying to tame Summer

Aiden rocking Shadow